'The JNU incident is only a spark which shows what is happening in the country. Slogans advocating disintegration of the country and that Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala and Assam should break free are being heard in a university in the country's capital,' an editorial in Sena mouthpiece 'Saamana' said.
'A remembrance day is being observed for Afzal Guru, who attacked Parliament and was hanged for his action. Warnings of an Afzal Guru taking birth in every house are doing the rounds. These incidents are an indication of a law and order meltdown,' it said.
Police turned into mute spectators and did not enter the campus to arrest a group of students who "mocked" them and 'challenged' the law and order situation, it said.
This is nothing but cowardice and a sign of running away from the situation. If universities become dens of anti- nationals, autonomy should be consigned to flames.
'Had the police stormed the complex and dragged the group out and arrested them, the whole country would have patted their back,' it said.


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