Gwalior: A team of Delhi Police is in the city, looking for leads about the people who supply explosives for terror activities. Similar explosives were used in the bomb which failed to explode outside the Delhi High Court a few days back.

The police have also received intelligence reports of sleeper cells of terror groups active in the region.

According to police sources, the trail of the ammonium nitrate and other explosive material used in the bomb planted outside Delhi High Court are reaching Gwalior.

The Delhi Police team also examined explosives used in stone mines dotted in Gwalior. However, police has chosen not to disclose its findings.

Police sources say that the sleeper cell active in Gwalior transported the explosive material to Delhi. The news of sleeper cells operating in the city has left the Gwalior police restless.

It is noteworthy that explosives are easily available in Gwalior because materials such as Detonators, Dynamite and Ammonium Nitrate are widely used in numerous stone mines in an around the city.