According to police, theft of motor vehicles constitute about one-fifth of the total crimes reported in Delhi.
They are a major cause of public frustration and anger towards police, as people expect early recovery of their vehicle and apprehension of the culprit because vehicle theft causes not only an economic loss but also loss of mobility.
"In order to mitigate the pain and suffering of those who become victims of auto thefts, we have devised an elaborate computer or cellphone-based system to ensure trouble free registration of FIR in vehicle theft cases and prompt initiation of automated investigational measures," Delhi police commissioner, B S Bassi said.

It also incorporates processes to keep the complainant informed of the efforts made. A time-bound closure of undetected cases (which happens to be the fate in about 90 percent of the cases) with seamless acceptance of the same by a competent Court is going to be a part of the system so that a victim can file insurance claim on timely receipt of the closure report, he said.
Delhi Police has been rolling out a number of online initiatives to make policing more friendly and convenient.
The first in the list was the web and mobile-based app for lodging of lost report on February 27, 2014. Since then, 7,03,751 lost reports have been lodged electronically with Delhi Police which include 32,344 reports lodged on cell phones.
"Incidentally, this is the only such facility in the world, where a digitally signed lost report is instantaneously sent to the complainant," said Bassi.
After the launch of the innovative lost report application, a cellphone based mobile application was launched on May 8, 2014 to provide traffic related alerts and advisories, fare and distance calculator with map for autos and taxies, pit locations, emergency calls and complaint lodging facility for road users in Delhi. The application has received excellent public response and its rating on Google Play Store is 4.2.

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