New Delhi: Nearly 700 people ended up in jail for drunken driving in the city in the past two months while 439 people were caught during night hours in the past three days as the Delhi Police vowed to crack down on such violators during Holi revelry.

"If they do not change we are there to send them to jail," Satyendra Garg, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic), warned as police asked Delhiites "not to take advantage" of Holi and indulge in drunken driving this week as they are to enforce more discipline on roads to ensure an accident-free festival.

"We are committed to safe Holi and we will keep up the drive, maybe much beyond Holi as well," Garg said.

He said 439 people were caught in the past three days for driving under the influence of alcohol, including 146 on Saturday only. On Friday night alone, 175 were caught while another 118 were caught on Thursday night.

"You check them any time of the day and they are there to be caught, to go to jail and of course get injured and may be die (in some mishap). But they will not give up this dangerous practice of driving after drinks. If they do not change we are there to send them to jail," he said.

He noted that in just two months, nearly 700 people have been awarded jail terms. "Are these not sufficient to put reason in people's mind to change themselves," he said.

"Obviously a jail term, possibility of injuries and even death cannot make them sane... By the time Holi ends, it (the number of prosecutions) maybe 2,000.

"Last year on Holi itself we caught about 800 drunken drivers. If they do not modify their habits we will persist with our efforts do discipline them," Garg said.