Riding on her policing experience, the BJP's Chief Ministerial candidate has been stressing on a "6P scheme" to address issues related to security for women.
"The government will work in collaboration with People- Parents, Principals in school, Preachers along with the Police, Prosecution, Prisons, Press, Politicians," Bedi said.
Her 6P plan underlines the role of parents and principals in teaching equality to girls and boys alike, while emphasising on the role of religious preachers in sending out the "right messages".
"Preachers from all religions also play an important role. They have to use the right messages for a woman's dignity," the former bureaucrat said.
She has also promised to ensure a more efficient functioning of the already existing women helpline, which she intends to keep with the "Chief Minister's office".
In her rallies, Bedi has also been prescribing solutions to end Delhi's water and power woes, pointing out that BJP-ruled Haryana will assist in tackling the issues.
"We need to start planning for summers in advance to tackle issues of water and electricity shortage. There should be no problem as Haryana is with us, the BJP led government will supply us with water," she said.

Bedi has been regularly updating all social media platforms sharing her plans along with regular updates of her rallies, roadshows and interactions with the "man on the street".


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