"Why should we indulge in a debate? We had thrown open a challenge to Kiran Bedi for an open debate," AAP leader Ashutosh said, and alleged "she (Bedi) ran away simply because she doesn't have an issue to deliberate upon. She has no idea about Delhi and now BJP is throwing questions."

The party said the questions could have been fielded by the BJP on a debating forum.

"The point is you could have asked those questions in front of lakhs of people with a moderator present at a public debate. Why didn't you agree to that now you are trying to throw questions," Ashutosh asked.

Ahead of the February 7 Assembly polls, the BJP has come up with a 'vision document' and not the traditional manifesto so far and has posed five questions to AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal on a daily basis.

Bedi, 65, who had joined earlier this month and was named its chief ministerial candidate, had turned down Kejriwal's challenge for an open debate, saying she "accepted" the challenge but will only debate with him on the floor of Delhi Assembly and not during the campaign.

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