Common people directly posed questions concerning the issues related to the national capital to the candidates, yielding replies in the videos uploaded on 'Frankly Me' website, a mobile application.
The maximum questions of 1828 were posed to Kejriwal, while Bedi was asked 923 questions and Maken 539, according to the data provided by the website at the end of the campaigning this evening for the February 7 polls.
One of the questions to Kejriwal was: What would you suggest to Kiran Bedi (his former colleague) now that she is CM candidate of BJP?
"People of Delhi have lots of questions to ask her (Kiran Bedi). Why doesn't she agree for a debate, she should debate... CM candidates of all the three parties should come ahead for a debate and people should know what is their viewpoint on different issues.
"I remember when the US presidential elections were on, the candidates went for open debate and people watched that on television. People appreciated that tradition of debates and asked why this can't happen in our country?
"Now when you have got that responsibility you must fulfil it. I request to you to re-consider this appeal (to hold a debate) and don't worry nothing will happen," the AAP chief says in the video-selfie.

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