"I have never missed voting till now. Many wonder what change one vote will bring. But I know every single vote counts," Upreti said outside a polling station in Gole market.

Braving age and their physical limitations, elderly people turned up in large numbers at the polling stations across Delhi to exercise their franchise on Saturday.
For Abdul Aziz (64) who cast his vote in Matia Mahal constituency, casting ballot was a part of his conscience ('imaan')

"Vote dena humhara imaan hai. Jab tak sehat ijazat karegi tab tak vote karenge. Apne ghar ka aur desh ka dhyan mein rakhkar vote diya hai (Voting is a part of our conscience. As long as health permits, will keep voting. I have cast my vote keeping in mind both my home and my nation's welfare)," he said.

However, Ballimaran resident 60-year old Zenat cast her vote to the party whom her son supported. "I have voted for the party of my son's choice," she said.

Gandhi Nagar resident, 80-year old Raj Rani who came to vote with the aid of a walker, even beat the enthusiasm of the youth there.

"Hindustani hu, josh kyun kam hoga (I am an Indian, why should I be less enthusiastic...) Issues like inflation affect us and conditions of roads in our area is very bad. I hope the next government will be a stable one and work towards improving the same," she said flashing a smile.

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