Appearing confident of a win, Kejriwal said on micro blogging site twitter, "महाभारत में श्रीकृष्ण से दुर्योधन ने सेना मांगी थी। अर्जुन ने श्रीकृष्ण का साथ माँगा था। आज भाजपा के पास सारा तंत्र है। हमारे साथ भगवान् है" (In Mahabharat Duryodhan asked for Lord Krishna's army where as Arjuna sough his guidance. Today the whole system is with BJP, but the almighty is with me).

“Just amazing response. Unbelievable. कुछ अद्भुत ही हो रहा है। Its all divine,” he added.
However, a war of words continued between the AAP and the BJP. Senior AAP leader Ashutosh alleged that the BJP is paying money to influence voters.

Accompanied by hundreds of volunteers, Kejriwal went to slum areas and urged people to vote for the party.

Later, he also visited the local 'Andh Vidyalaya' (School for the visually challenged). The AAP chief also interacted with sanitation workers at the Palika Dham area.

An internal survey by AAP on Wednesday predicted a clear majority for it giving itself 51 seats followed by 15 to BJP and a paltry four seats for Congress and others.

Releasing the results of the survey, party leader Yogendra Yadav claimed 53 per cent voters in the city preferred Arvind Kejriwal as their Chief Minister while 34 percent wanted BJP's Kiran Bedi to head the next government.

The survey had a sample size of 3,188 respondents spread over 35 constituencies. Twelve per cent respondents were from the rural areas where as 17 percent belonged to the upper middle class. Around 13 per cent were Muslims.

The result of the AAP's internal survey came a day before campaigning for the February 7 polls comes to an end.

The India Today-Cicero pre-poll survey yesterday projected AAP to get 38-46 seats while BJP was projected to secure 19-25 seats. The Congress was placed way behind with only 3-7 seats.

In the 'poll of polls' based on the results of five polls, AAP gets 34 out of 70 while BJP 32 and Congress 4.

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