"I heard the Prime Minister talking about opening bank accounts of lakhs of people (under Jan Dhan Yojna (JDY)) but then where is the money? He now said that they will give insurance of Rs one lakh, which a person will get after he dies," he said while addressing a rally.
"Had they said all these thing before the polls, then would people have voted for them?" Kejriwal asked claiming that the NDA government had been brandishing 'Jan Dhan Yojna' as its achievement during the Delhi Assembly election rallies.
Taking a dig at Modi for his promise of ensuring security of women in the national capital, Kejriwal said, records show that the crime against women has increased by 25 percent in the city in last seven months.
He also accused the BJP leaders of taking Delhi back to 11th-12th century and shut women inside their homes to ensure their safety.

"His (Modi's) MPs are asking women to give birth to at least four children. Haryana Chief minister ML Khattar from his party is asking women not to wear jeans, some other leader is saying women should not work...So to secure women basically they want to shut them inside their homes. Do they want to take Delhi back to 11th-12th century," Kejriwal said claimed that the women of Delhi were upset with the BJP government and all of them would vote for AAP.
Hitting out at the BJP on the issue of high power tariff, Kejriwal alleged that the owners of power companies and BJP leaders were hand in gloves and that was the reason why meters in majority of households were running fast.
"The previous Congress government was hand in gloves with power companies and now even this government is doing the same," he claimed.
Kejriwal also attacked BJP for targeting AAP in the election rally and not touching upon critical issues like laying out a roadmap for development of the city.
"They are throwing mud at us as they (BJP) are frustrated and they know they will lose," he said.

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