New Delhi: In a startling disclosure it has come to notice that casualties on murderous Delhi roads increase when traffic rush is invariably low. According to reports, city roads turn deadlier during 9 -12 PM in the night.

Also statistics tell that maximum number of casualties (1258) out of total 7,280 cases was reported during this time period in year 2011.

According to Satyendra Garg (Joint Director, Traffic) heavy vehicles are responsible for the increasing number of casualties. It is to be noted that commercial vehicles are given the permission to ply on city roads during this time thereby increasing the risk of accidents.

It is a fact that there are comparatively less number of traffic police personnel on city roads during the wee hours which is also one of the reasons of escalating road accidents in this mega city. Generally, duty time of traffic police remains between 10 am-10 pm.

Traffic police staff are seen manning only the prominent entry points of the city .Also commercial vehicles are not permitted to run on city roads between 7am -11 am and between 5 pm -9.30 pm but number of commercial vehicles increase abruptly after 10 pm. According to Garg, traffic police has launched a campaign to keep an eye on those commercial vehicles which flaunt Supreme Court guidelines.

This initiative has resulted in fewer casualties taking place during the night in 2012.


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