"We will have to re-design city's roads someday or the other. In next two-three years, all roads will be re-designed by the government in a proper manner so that we will not need to change the road structure for next 20-25 years and new flyovers can be constructed without any inconvenience to people," Jain said while speaking on the occasion of 54th PWD's Foundation Day.
"In Delhi, road structure is not in a good shape. I will not blame those who constructed these roads. Roads were built without changing the structure of drains and service roads which caused mess up,"  the minister said.
The existing road structure causes traffic problems and water-logging due to which people have to face problems.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal who was also present on the occasion, said that 54th year of PWD should be a turning point.. whatever has been achieved in the last 54 years, we should achieve its double in next five years.
"Today, we cannot say that Delhi is a world-class city. If we go to capital city of any country, it is better than Delhi. If we have to make Delhi a world-class, so it is responsibility of the PWD.
"Engineers and officers should be given exposures by sending them abroad to seek best practices and replicate them in Delhi here," Kejriwal said.
Jain said the government has decided to re-structure the PWD which we will make the file clearing process fast.
"We have decided to form two-three member teams so that decision can be taken fast to execute the projects. We are going to make all the works of organisation computerised," he said
Jain, who is also Delhi's Health minister said the government will create new 10,000 hospital beds in the national capital.

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