New Delhi: Delhi will host the country's first SlutWtalk renamed 'Besharmi Morcha' for India next month to protest sexual violence against women who are victimised on the pretext of dressing up provocatively and thus "asking for it".

SlutWalks have become a global phenomenon to protest against sexual violence after a police officer in Toronto caused outrage by stating during a speech to university students that women should avoid "dressing like sluts" to avoid being victimised.

The walk here will, however, be a toned-down version of walks elsewhere, which have seen women dress in skimpy clothing to challenge the mindset that victims of sexual violence should be blamed for the assault on them.

'Shameless protest'

"Not all people in Delhi will understand the meaning of 'slut'. So, after a lot of debate and discussion, we decided on Besharmi Morcha (shameless protest)," said Umang Sabarwal, one of the chief organisers of the walk.

The Facebook page of the walk, which will take place in July-end, has attracted a lot of attention with over 1,000 pledging support.

"SlutWalk 2011 is an attempt to reclaim the word slut, to remove the shame and replace it with pride! Women aren't sluts just because we exercise the choice to be our own persons," the Facebook page says.
"It doesn't make anyone a slut to wear what he or she wants to, to date endless men or women, to wear high heels or low-cut clothes," it adds.