New Delhi: In a first-of-its kind initiative, Delhi government is set to introduce an online assessment system which will monitor performance of various departments and give points on a range of parameters.

This 'Result Assessment Framework' is being introduced by the city government after studying similar assessment measuring mechanisms developed by Canada, New Zealand and Finland.

"The main objective of introduction of such a system is to improve accountability as well as to improve service delivery to the people of the city," said the officials.

Under the system, a government department or agency will gain points automatically on the basis of its performance based on criteria which are being finalised now.

According to officials, departments will be given ratings like ‘average, good, excellent or fail’ based on their performances in implementing various schemes or providing services to the people.

"This is a very new concept which is being developed as part of the initiative to improve performance of various government departments and make them accountable," they said.

Also, movement of various files will be tracked and time taken to clear them or move them further by various departments will be monitored.

If implemented, Delhi will be the first city in the country to introduce such a system which is in place in only a few selected countries in the world, the officials claimed.

"The system will encourage competition among various departments as government is also considering giving awards to the departments with maximum scores," they said.