New Delhi: Can you imagine scoring 102 out of 100 marks? This may be a utopian dream of many but country’s prestigious Delhi University has made it possible.

Delhi University student Nishi Sinha (name changed) couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her report card of second year. She had been awarded 102 out of 100 marks in the French paper.

As per media reports, several such cases have come to light after the rollout of semester system, where students were found to have been attributed with marks more than the maximum possible.

A second year BSc student is shown to have scored above maximum in both internal assessment as well as the written exam. He was given 65 out of 50 in Paper I and 74 out of 50 in Paper II.

Another student found that he had scored 57 out of 55 in mathematics. Interestingly, another has been given 58 marks out of just 38 in physics.

Ironically, due to such impossible scores in the marksheet, a student was even denied admission in the university's Law Faculty.

Adding to the woes, several students in Kalindi College may lose their one year due to the loopholes in the university’s evaluation system. The university had released two sets of marksheets for third semester exams of these students. The students were shocked when they found that they have failed in the exams after six marks were deducted from their second marksheet.

Expressing concern over the serious lapse, Nandita Narain, a senior mathematics teacher at St Stephen's College said, “Such blunders are serious matter of concern. The inflated results have made a complete mockery of the system. Strong examination system had been the university's speciality. But now, it has lost its credibility.”

Clarifying their stand, the university officials said, “Errors tend to happen owing to the large number of students appearing in the examination every year. Grievance redress windows have been opened to deal with the problem and we are rectifying the mistakes.”


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