In a meeting of the varsity's 23-member admission committee held on Thursday, it was decided to do away with the any disadvantage to the gap year students.

The admission process is likely to begin from June 2 and will be winded up by August 14.

"Earlier some colleges used to take a lenient view of gap year students while few colleges used to deny admissions to them. However, now it will be universally applied to all varsity colleges and gap year students will not have to face any disadvantage," said Dr Bharat Singh, an Assistant Professor and a committee member.

Also, for students seeking admission in B Com (Honors) and Economics course it will be mandatory to have mathematics as a subject.

"There will also be a change in the pattern of release of cut offs by the varsity. Earlier, the next cut off list was released on the day admissions concluded for the previous one but now there will be a gap of one day so that data is accurately updated and analysed," he added.

All the colleges will have to adopt a uniformity in eligibility criteria for admissions unlike earlier when they could have defined their own rule besides those mandated by the varsity.

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