New Delhi: The admission process in Delhi University (DU) has undergone a sea change over the last four decades. While students who scored 55-60 percent in board exams 3-4 decades ago easily got enrolled with the most prestigious colleges of the University, things have changed to an extent that even 97 percent marks are proving insufficient to make it to the top colleges of DU.

DU Vice Chancellor Prof Dinesh Singh says, “One can’t do anything about it. The cut-off list is bound to go up when Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) grants high percentage to students.”

Recalling the old college days, Professor JM Khurana, Dean (Students’ Welfare) said, “The situation used to be completely different 40 years back as there was no cut-throat competition among students for admission. One would distribute sweets if one secured 60 percent marks in 11th standard as there was no 12th class then. But now even if one secures 1st division, it is tough to secure admission for even regular courses.”

Off late, the CBSE has been awarding high percentage to students which have increased the cut off percentage by 25 percent over the last few years, making it difficult even for bright students to get admission.

Surprisingly, there has been no change in class 12th syllabus but the system of marking and setting paper have witnessed change which is making it possible to secure 100 percent marks even subjects like English, History and Hindi.

Dinesh C Varshney, Deputy Dean, DU recalled: “when I secured admission in Hindu College in 1976, then only the names of the students used to be displayed on the merit list. Student with 58 to 59 percent marks would easily secure admission in high profile colleges. It would be difficult to spot students with 60-63 percent marks.”