Delhi Intergrated Multi-Model Transit System (DIMTS) has developed "Pooch-O", which will now allow users to locate autos, fitted with GPS, nearest to them and can then call its driver, whose numbers are registered with DIMTS, on their mobile phone and book a trip.

‘Pooch-O’ app can be downloaded on only android phones from Google Play store and thereafter, people have to ensure GPS of their phone is on and can find out auto nearest to them through maps.

Launching Pooch-O at his secretariat, Jung said that this is very advanced technology, which would be very useful especially for women travelling in auto at night.

"After booking auto through this app, commuters can share their travel details on Facebook and Twitter so that their friends and family members can get to know about their locations. Besides, there are several security elements in this app," said Jung.

He also said that they can also give their feedbacks on their travels in auto on ‘Pooch-O’ app.

"Pooch-O users can also calculate estimated fare for their trip and even track the auto to check if it is coming towards them or not after calling its drivers. This app will soon be available on Iphone. Auto drivers will also be benefitted with this app as they will easily have passengers," SN Sahai, managing director (DIMTS) said.

Sahai said that there are 24,000 autos in Delhi which are fitted with GPS and hoped that more autos would come under GPS so that a large number of people could be befitted with this app.

Additonal CP (Traffic) Anil Shukla, who was also present, said that if a driver refused to take "Pooch-O" users, he would then be penalised with a heavy penalty.

"Traffic police will be asked to connect this app to its website, their traffic apps so that if auto driver refuses commuters without any reason, strict action would be taken against them," Jung said.


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