New Delhi: It might be good for health to climb stairs but pedestrians in Delhi appear to be reluctant to use foot overbridges while crossing the roads. Although Delhiites don’t climb stairs to cross the road but they can be seen all around crossing the roads as if they are ready to risk their lives. It is stunning to note that people in the national capital are reluctant to use even escalators, let alone the normal stairs for the purpose of crossing the roads.

This surprising revelation is based on a Delhi Government survey. This is the situation when thousands of people are being killed every year in the city in road accidents. According to the figures released by the government, 2104 people were killed and 5116 injured in 7220 road accidents in the year 2010. In 2009, death toll was 2272.

The data suggest that in all cases of road accidents, the pedestrians count highest in the city. The survey was conducted by the Delhi government’s PWD department after being reported that the city’s foot overbridges is largely unused.

As per the survey conducted for 51 bridges, it has been found many of them are unused by the pedestrians in the city. More importantly, 31 out of 51 FOB’s don’t have escalator or lift so it is quite obvious that pedestrians prefer walking rather than climbing stairs.

According to the survey report, a total of 7265 people were found to be crossing the road between five to seven in the evening in Azadpur area. Although, FOB users also found in large number but their count was less than five thousand. Similarly, at Kashmiri Gate Bus Terminal, 6794 pedestrians were found crossing the road overlooking the nearby FOB. The shocking fact is, the escalators were installed at both the ends.

As per the report, 29,265 Delhiites found using FOB near Sangam Hospital at Ratia Marg every day.

Though, the number of pedestrians crossing the roads was found to be more than three thousand. Top officials of Delhi Government told that they are investigating the reasons behind FOB not being used by the pedestrians. The immediate step which needs to be taken will be of installing high railings on the dividers on every road.