New Delhi: A Report released by the Delhi Government’s Directorate of Economics and Statistics has made stunning disclosures. According to this report, Delhiites are no doubt highest earning people in the country but they are spending extravagantly as well.

The report says that the earning of the people of Delhi is highest in the country, but at the same time, their spending is also second to none. If the Delhi Government’s data is to be believed, it seems that prosperity is pouring on the people of our national capital. The per capita income of Delhi is over Rs one Lakh per year. And the per capita expenditure is about three thousand rupees per month. However, it is another story that 5 percent people of Delhi, which stands around eight million, are deprived of a roof on their head. 

According to the statistics, the capital’s per capita income is Rs 1, 16, 886 per annum whereas per capita expenditure is around Rs 2811.05 per month.
The average expenditure in the urban areas of Delhi stands at Rs 2904.87. Notably, per capita expenditure at the national level stands at Rs 1984. Special report prepared by the Delhi Government’s Directorate of Economics and Statistics has focused on various aspects of income and expenditure of the people in the national capital.

The report was released on Wednesday evening by Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit who is also the in charge of state’s finance ministry. The survey has covered the period between July 2009 and June 2010 which is based on the 66th round survey of National sampling Survey Organization. Relying on the findings of the survey, Delhi government has claimed that the living standard of the people in Delhi is much better than that of the people in the rest parts of the country.
According to the report, Delhiites spend the 36 percent of their earnings on eatables. Ten percent of this spending goes on the purchase of milk and milk products. Ninety percent households in the city use LPG for cooking. Around 15.31 percent households have Internet access. Over 90 percent people are literate whereas 99.62 percent of households have excess to electricity. 

It is also claimed that 64.36 percent people have their own accommodation while 31 percent people live in rented houses. However, around 4-5 percent people are homeless.

Delhiites prefer chapattis over rice:

As per the report, the average consumption of wheat in Delhi is higher than the consumption of rice. People of Delhi prefer chapattis over rice. Delhi’s per capita consumption of rice is 1.45 kg per month whereas per capita wheat flour consumption is 6.76 kg. At the national level, per capita consumption of rice and wheat flour is 4.66 kg and 4.36 kg respectively. 

Male-dominated families in Delhi:

Most of the families in Delhi are mostly male-dominated. Only 7 percent women are leading their respective families. Women population in the city is 75.64 million of which 50 percent are married and 6 percent are widows. Divorced and abandoned women are figure at 0.18 percent.

More people working in Delhi:

According to statistics, most people prefer to do jobs in Delhi than adhering to other sources of livelihood.  Nearly 49 percent of the total population is in jobs whereas 40 percent people are engaged in running their own business. Four percent people are counted as labourers and rest of the seven percent is classified as others.

Men are more literate:

The literacy rate in men and women are 94.97 percent and 84.54 percent respectively. The report also states that the average number of people in every family in the city is 4.46.

On the basis of these statistics, the Delhi government may make tall claims regarding prosperity of the people, but it has no explanation when asked about the 65 thousand beggars who are seen everyday all around us.