New Delhi, Jan 12 (Agencies): The Delhiites experienced the second chilliest morning of the season on Wednesday, with the minimum temperature dropping to 3.9 degree Celsius before the sun came out to ease out a shallow fog.

Wednesday’s minimum was 3 degree Celsius below normal for this period of year and down from the previous day's 4.6 degrees. The lowest temperature had dropped to 3.7 degree Celsius on January 4, the season's lowest so far.

Delhi had a respite from piercing chill yesterday as the maximum rose to 19.2 degree Celsius, with Weather Office attributing it to the absence of icy winds which were blowing across the city earlier.

Yesterday, the MeT Office had recorded a minimum of 1.8 degree Celsius at Jafarpur in south-west Delhi while it was three degrees in Najafgarh and 3.1 degrees in Narela.
The reading at the Safdurjung Weather station, where it recorded a minimum of 3.9 degrees on Wednesday and 4.6 degrees on Tuesday, is taken as the temperature for the whole of Delhi.
Low temperatures coupled with icy winds from the northern mountains have made life difficult for the people.

The capital has recorded at least five cold-related deaths since December 26.

The capital recorded the coldest day for the past 42 years on Sunday when the maximum temperature dropped to 11 degree Celsius, ten degrees below normal.

The Met department has predicted further improvement in weather condition for Thursday and said the minimum and maximum temperatures would be around 6 and 20 degrees. "There may be shallow fog early morning but the day will be sunny and bright," it said.

According to MeT statistics, the record for the highest maximum for the month of January was 32.5 degree Celsius recorded on the 28th of 2004. The record minimum is-0.6 degree Celsius recorded on 16th of the month in 1935.

In the last decade, only last year the minimum did not drop below five degree Celsius. In 2006, the minimum dropped to 0.2 degrees on January eight while two years later, the lowest minimum was 1.9 degrees on 2nd of the month.

The mean minimum for the month of January is 7.3 deg C while the mean maximum is 21.1 degrees.