New Delhi: The national capital region (NCR) experienced earthquake for the second time within a fortnight setting the alarm bells ringing among the denizens and the geological experts alike.

Though both the recent tremors in the NCR did not lead to any loss of life and property, the experts have warned that indiscriminate construction of buildings, inadequate assessment of the dynamics functioning below the earth crust and preparation to handle disaster could cost the city a dear.

According to former director of Met Department, SK Srivastava, Micro-zoning (assessment of area more prone to earthquakes) has not been done even in areas where Zoning was complete done in 2005.

Moreover, Zoning is still incomplete in adjoining areas like Noida, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad.

“There is no concrete estimate of the danger in these areas that lays on alluvial soil,” said Srivastava.

He also expressed his concern over lack of a government body to issue a certificate for earthquake resistant buildings.

“Although the standards are set by the National Disaster Management Authority, the responsibility of the certification lies on architects,” he highlighted.

The disaster management authority of the Delhi government accepts that a massive earthquake will lead to great loss and tragedy in the city.

It should be noted that Delhi falls under Zone-4 and the seismic zone lies on the Delhi-Haridwar ridge.