Delhi-NCR has witnessed a spate in incidents of violence against women with the recent one being the alleged rape of a 27-year-old woman finance executive by a cab driver.
According to a study conducted by Market Xcel Data Matrix with sample size of 3,000 residents of Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon, comprising 51 per cent men and 49 per cent women, all of them were aware about the campaigns initiated by the government to emphasise on women safety.

About 72 per cent respondents believe that a change in the mindset of the society is crucial to ensure gender equality. But 25 per cent respondents believe that a change in mindset would not affect gender inequality.

95 per cent people believe that emphasis on women safety would remove gender biasness and would also increase security.

On an individual level, 50 per cent feel that by creating a 'society for women safety' in their locality would contribute to this drive.

Around 50 per cent people feel that equal education right to women would help change the mindset to ensure women's safety, 25 per cent also feel that equal status of male and female would help reducing gender inequality.

As many as 1,500 respondents hailed from Delhi, 750 from Gurgaon and 750 from Noida.

In what could be an alarming observation, only 13 per cent of the total respondents believe that girls under the age of 18 years should not get married while only 8 per cent said they would not take dowry at the time of marriage.

However, 87 per cent respondents feel that building more toilets in the country would ensure women's safety.

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