Mumbai: There is an increase of 25 per cent in demand for Indian banking professionals in the global market, especially from Africa and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Firms seek to cash in on their experience, leading human resources firm GlobalHunt has said.

"Many companies in Africa and UAE are trying to attract Indian banking professionals, as they can handle volumes and have seen the full life cycle of banking in India from various transactions," GlobalHunt India Director Sunil Goel said.

There is 20-25 per cent increase in demand mainly for areas like relationship management, sales and marketing, new product launches, back and front office operations and technology support across all levels, he said.

These companies are offering double compensation which is tempting the professionals in taking up such assignments for new challenges, exposure, and attractive compensation and saving potential, he added.

In Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa are major countries where Indian banking professionals are in demand at the leadership level.

Meanwhile, in West Asia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia are keen on hiring banking professionals from India, GlobalHunt has said.

Demand for Indian professionals is also seen from companies other than financial firms, like a large number of business conglomerates and multi-national companies.

These companies are hiring finance and accounts, taxation, audit and MIS professionals from India to keep their financial strength procedure aligned and visible as per their needs, he said.

GlobalHunt is an executive search firm, which provides recruitment solutions for various requirements across the Asia-Pacific, African, European and American markets.