With all-round support pouring in for Gandhian activist Anna Hazare’s day-long symbolic fast and the debate emanating from his forum made it very obvious that the nation is with him for a strong Lokpal. The Central government may pretend to appear unperturbed over his fast, but it has failed to earn the trust of people on a strong Lokpal Bill. This expectation, in fact, with the submission of the Parliamentary Committee report and the statement of the committee chief Abhishek Manu Singhvi was blown into pieces that his work was not to satisfy an individual. How could a panel take pride in its draft whose majority of the members expressed dissatisfaction and which have disillusioned the natives of the country? This is not just unfortunate but objectionable too that the committee did not bother to honour the spirit of the Parliament on three most important points of Lokpal. How could a committee formed through the Parliament be superior to it? It is rather strange that the House panel is proving not only to be superior to the Parliament but also saner and visionary than it. The people of this nation must be informed as to who gave it authority to contradict the spirit of the Parliament? The way committee has failed to evolve consensus on the draft clearly expresses that it worked on some other agenda rather than honouring the spirit of the nation or the Parliament. Besides, the committee through its work also failed to give an impression that people’s will holds the supreme position in a democracy.

This is but natural that common people would be irked over the draft on Lokpal against the sentiments of the Parliament. Rather than understanding this uneasiness, the ruling party’s contention that the Laws are made in the Parliament is not correct. Undoubtedly, nobody would favour the formulation of law on the road, but it should be made clear why the Lokpal failed to get a shape of law even after 43 years. Since all the governments have failed to remain transparent on the issue of Lokpal, the masses have every right to know what kind of law is now being framed in this matter. Ironically, the ruling party is trying to pooh-pooh the discussion held on Anna Hazare’s forum. If only the debate in the Parliament holds significance, why the Prime Minister has called an all-party meeting on the issue of Lokpal? Atleast, the ruling party should shed its adamancy, because the main opposition party along with other parties have extended support to the Team Anna’s demand for Lokpal. Besides, the ruling party cannot deny the fact that it is being isolated on the issues of including the Prime Minister’s post, lower bureaucracy and the Central Bureau of Investigation under the purview of Lokpal. The government still has time to take an initiative on strong Lokpal, while taking common masses into confidence. If it fails to do so and Anna is again compelled to launch an agitation, the government itself would be held responsible.