Unfortunately, money is still used as one of the prime modes by the leaders to sway opinion in their favour and the concerned authorities can’t do much about it.

A shopkeeper at Vishakhapatanam bus stand revealed a very shocking fact. Last time, the voters were paid Rs 1,000 and this time it’s said that they would get Rs 2,000.

Savitha gets paid Rs 300 per day for making slogan for a political party. In this season of elections, traders at one of the country’s largest wholesale markets of mangoes in Vijaywada – Nunnu Market are feeling labour crunch.

The Andhra Pradesh Police, which have tightened up measures to check the usage of money in the elections and the cops have so far seized around Rs 120 crore and over 5 lakh litres of alcohol, which is highest ever in the country in terms of seizure during poll season.

Speaking in this context, a Guntur resident Saanb Sadashiv Reddy, in a hesitating mode says that all parties provide money in order to buy votes. With the EC, along with the police and administration adopting a tough stance over the issue, the political leaders are busy in finding a new way out in making the ‘bribes’ reach voters.

A party candidate contesting the polls said that there was another option of transferring the money right into the account of voters in order to escape the glaring eyes of authorities concerned.

Clearly, the police as well as EC can’t do much to restrict the distribution of such smaller amounts. According to a senior police officer, in spite of having information regarding the issues, the cops as well as administration fail to check it.

Irfan, a resident of Malkajgiri area says that due to strictness, slips for payment were also distributed this time after polling.

According to a top cop, in order to bring the effect of Model Code of Conduct into full force, the police have also shut down several petrol pumps and also cancelled licences of wine shops.

It has been learnt that efforts are always being made to lure people, especially youth by distributing petrol free of cost.


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