Wind of change is sweeping across the Arabian and African countries. The Egypt eruption, leading to President Hosni Mubarak's resignation after much blazing and bloodbath on the streets, seems to have enough potential to spur similar popular upheavals for the regime change across the world where the model of democracy is conspicuous by its absence and dictatorship and misrule have reigned supreme. The premiers of non-democratic countries must learn that police and army could not douse the brewing of changing of the winds. Improving administrative system in tune with democracy is the need of the hour. It augurs well that the cry for regime change has not erupted spontaneously rather it is well planned and pioneered by common people who have suffered during despotic rule. It is worth mentioning that the people fighting for democracy do not belong to any fundamentalist organization and the protestors are showing their commitment to secularism. As Tunisians, who triggered the domino effect of changing regime, demanded for secular arrangement, it clears the clouds of doubt that extremist groups could fish in the troubled waters. It is necessary that the world, particularly Arab-African countries, should change their policies to dovetail with the pro-democratic demands.

The world should reprimand the brutal repression of people who were protesting against the dictatorship spanning about four years in Libya. It is the right time, the UN should take a serious note of the winds against despotic rules that have started blowing. The UN should not shake off the Libyan forces' rampage against the protestors that killed more than 200-odd innocent people who wanted regime change for leading quality life under good governance. Arab-African stir catches the attentions of those countries which are running democracy but unleashing misgovernance and anarchism. Some countries have witnessed a stir for better governance and political management. It is difficult to presage whether the wind of reform started from Tunisia and Egypt, which is sweeping through many other countries, could corroborate the virtues of democracy, but everyone should learn that dictatorial ruling would have its cataclysmic end one day or the other. As Arab countries harbor a lot of Indians, the government should keep a tab on the moves there. If the turmoil continues, it will put the Indian economy at stake.