London: Former Bond girl Denise Richards says she will never rekindle her romance with her ex-husband Charlie Sheen becuse she is "too old" for him.

The 39-year-old actress, who has daughters Sam, seven, and six-year-old Lola with the troubled star, divorced him five years ago and insists she is never going back, according to reports.

"That door is closed. I think he and I are better as friends and having our daughters. I'm way too old for him now. I'm way past his age range," she said.

Richards admits she initially fell for him because of his "strength and courage" in sobriety.

The 'World is Not Enough' star said they get on well for the sake of their children.

"I take it day by day. One day at a time. I think it's not about him and me truly. It's about the kids. And I've learned to accept it, even if I agree or don't agree with it. It doesn't matter.”

"So times where things are very calm and cordial with us, I really relish those times, because it's so much better for our kids," she added.