"There was NSG, Air force, Garud commandos. Application of NSG was a joint decision taken at an appropriate level which included service chiefs," said Lt Gen Kamal Jit Singh, GoC-in-C, army's Western Command, told a media briefing here.   
There has been criticism of the decision to deploy the NSG personnel flown from Delhi on Saturday morning in the Air Force base in Pathankot when a larger number of army commandos were available in nearby garrison in the border city itself Army's special forces commandos were  said to be better equipped to deal with the siege of the base.  

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Lt Gen Singh said terrorists holed up in buildings in the Air Force station took 'advantage' of it which took time in eliminating them.  
He said they also wanted to avoid a hostage situation as a large number of families and foreign trainees were residing inside the base. "The buildings in the air force base station are such that which are located close to family quarters. The final group of two terrorists  were in a two-storeyed structure where in the first our own troops were there. They (the families) had to be evacuated first and we had to avoid hostage situation because of that it took time.

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