Washington: There have been several studies in the past showing that stress can have negative effects on health leading to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The Inserm researchers at unit 1018, "The Epidemiology and Public Health Research Centre", working in collaboration with researchers from England and Finland have demonstrated that it is essential to be vigilant about this and to take it very seriously when people say that they are stressed, particularly if they believe that stress is affecting their health.

According to the study performed by these researchers, with 7268 participants, such people have twice as much risk of a heart attack, compared with others.

Today, stress is recognized as one of the main health problems.

When people face a situation that is considered stressful, they may experience several physical, emotional and behavioural symptoms (anxiety, difficulty in concentrating, skin problems, migraines, etc.).

Previous studies, particularly the recent studies performed within the Whitehall II cohort, composed of several thousand British civil servants, have already shown that the physiological changes associated with stress can have an adverse effect on health.

The research is published in European Heart Journal.


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