When we join any political party or forum or get into political debate or envisage a sketch of political form policy we first go through a list of textual paradigm where we vouch to work for sovereignty, integrity, solidarity, hospitality and purity in national interest and perspective. A long text of commitments lay path ahead to follow which, somewhat goes like this:

we will seek to strengthen institutions and processes of democracy, appreciate the value of exchanging experiences in the consolidation of democracy and identifying best practices, democratic governance based on deliberations on common principles and values, resolve to strengthen cooperation to face transnational challenges to democracy such as state-sponsored, cross-border, forms of terrorism, organized crime, corruption, drug-trafficking, illegal arms deal, human trafficking, money laundering and protection of human rights under the norms of international law.

We will encourage political leaders to uphold the values of tolerance and compromise that underpin effective democratic systems, and to promote respect for pluralism so as to enable societies to retain their multi-cultural character, and at the same time maintain stability and social cohesive pattern. We would discourage ethnic and religious hatred, violence and other forms of extremism. We will also promote civil society, including women’s organizations, non-governmental organizations, labor and business associations, and independent media in their exercise of  persons belonging to minorities or disadvantaged groups to equal protection of the law, and the freedom to enjoy their own culture, to profess and practice their own religion, and to use their own language.

We will help to promote Centre-to-State government relation stronger and people-to-people linkages and promote civic education and literacy, including education for democracy. In these ways we will strengthen democratic institutions and practices and support the diffusion of democratic norms and values.

We will work with relevant institutions and international organizations, civil society and governments to coordinate support for new and emerging democratic societies. We recognize the importance our citizens place on the improvement of living conditions. We also recognize the mutually-reinforcing benefits the democratic process offers to achieving sustained economic growth. To that end, we will seek to assist each other in economic and social development, including eradication of poverty, as an essential contributing factor to the promotion and preservation of democratic development.

We will collaborate on democracy-related issues in existing international and regional institutions, forming coalitions and caucuses to support resolutions and other international activities aimed at the promotion of democratic governance. This will help to create an external environment conducive to democratic development.

There are nearly 27 Youth wings of political parties in India such as Indian Youth Congress, Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, All India Youth Federation and etc for supporting Indian democratic system. We urge these Youth wings of political parties to take lead in their respective parties because the nation requires their dynamic contribution to weed all chaotic politics and corrupt system percolating in roots of our nation.

When we look at the present scenario of political system and its failure at all fronts and no hope for future, we just need to decide amiably with political parties consensus to have a complete reform in political structure where participation of Youth in politics is not only sufficient but rather the nation has to be ruled by the youth for a shining and successful India in 21st Century. It will be quite precise and proper to say that our present old leaders who are unable to rule but never accept their inability will have better responsibilities to guide and support the youth to administer the ruling system. The solution to all corruption, crime and crisis in all fields of life can be perfectly handled by the youth and young leaders as they know they have future and they can dream future INDIA.