The Spanish navy, one of the world's oldest naval forces, has inspired a new collection of accessories that was unveiled in Paris.

Braids, insignias, crests and sailors' dog tags were some of the items included in the "Numero 3" collection by designer Concha Diaz del Rio.

This is the third collection released by the design house launched by Diaz del Rio, who is known for the "Acheron" and "Uno de 50" brands.

The designer is focusing on promoting Spanish manufacturing, using traditional craft materials from the Iberian nation, such as leather and silver.

"A line that was in her own family appealed to her," Ana Diaz del Rio told EFE in Paris, adding that the designer has personal ties to the Spanish navy and 70 percent of sales are outside Spain.

The fashion house, which has a presence in Spain, France, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland, posted sales of 476,000 euros (USD 611,000) in 2012.