There has been ever increasing anticipation of new iPhones over the past few years and the lead-up to Apple events has recently triggered a slew of artists’ renderings, leaked drawings, and blurry images of internal and external parts of the forthcoming model.
This year is no different and apple fans combined with leakers have predicted down to the last detail, what the soon to be released iPhone 6 will look like. Enterprising rumour websites have even assembled barely working models of the iPhone 6, cobbled together from leaked parts.
Online shopping portal is offering iPhone 6 cases for sale before Apple’s official announcement and possibly weeks before Apple officially launches the new model in India.
Each year early adopters of the new iPhone have to make do with boring Apple cases when they buy their just released iPhones while case makers scramble to design and manufacture smartphone cases for the new model.

This year will be different however, as Indian iPhone buyers will be able to choose from over 900 high quality designer cases or customise their own one-of-a-kind cases and have them delivered and ready to use before they get their hands on the new iPhone. has focused on making designer and customisable cases available for over 70 smartphone models including some of the newest and hottest cellphones to hit the Indian market.
In the past year, the website have offered Xiaomi Mi3 cases as well as cases for Motorola’s highly successful X, E and G series of cellphones, almost as soon as the handsets have gone on sale in India.