Karachi: Pakistani women models have revealed that it's the designers and photographers who are pressurizing them to lose weight. Designers all over the world usually use size zero mannequins to make clothes and then want the same effect on the ramp. The scenario results in a model's ultimate desire: becoming rail-thin.

Model Fayezah Ansari, who recently came clean on her drug addiction, said if the clothes don't fit, then designers get upset, media reported. A former model, who chose not to be named, revealed that drug abuse is the biggest problem in the Pakistani fashion world.

She stated that drugs are used to dehydrate the body and kill appetite. "Real men don't want skeletons - it's the other men [photographers and designers] in the industry who want to transform a girl into a stick. They pressurize women to become ultra-thin," she said, referring to photographers, make-up artists and designers who create outfits for unrealistic models.

The industry is cutthroat, she said, adding that models opt for tummy-tucks, full body liposuction and most have eating disorder. Model Nadia Hussain said it's not the girls who criticize each other about weight; it's the designers and photographers.

She said designers and photographers force them to lose weight and revealed that some models will starve themselves or throw-up to get the perfect figure.


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