New Delhi: Uttar Pradesh, which has always been in the limelight for rise in the population, did remarkably well in reducing the rate of population of India according to the report by Census-2011.

According to the interim report, released on Thursday, UP helped the country reduce the growth rate. Another red sign for the state is its rapidly declining female population against the male count.

UP has also earned the distinction of being ahead of Brazil in population count. Brazil, which has 19 crore population as of now, is ranked fifth in terms of population in the world.

The report stated that the reduction of rate of population growth in India is 3.9 per cent, while Uttar Pradesh has pegged the reduction rate at 5.7 per cent.

In 2001, the rate of population decline in UP was 25.85 per cent while it has reduced to 20.09 per cent in 2011.

Despite a report of good performance, the population of the state has increased from 16.62 crore in 2001 to around 20 crore in 2011, out of which 10.5 crore are males and 9.5 crore are females.

The fresh report has raised alarm on the difference between male and female ratio.

In 2001, the state had 916 girls against 1000 boys. In 2011, the girl count has declined to 899. The education sector has improved marginally. The literacy rate in 2001 was 56.3 per cent and in 2011 it is 69.72 per cent which is less than national average of 74 per cent.

The reason behind the increase is participation of female population in schools, etc. For instance, the literacy rate of males in the last decade rose from 69 per cent to 79 per cent, while the rate of females increased from 47.7 per cent to more than 59 per cent.