Dehradun: Largely due to the decent attendance of girl students, 56 government colleges situated in far flung areas of Uttarakhand otherwise facing closure threat, are operating on a normal course.

Strange it may appear, but the fact is that over 80 percent of the government degree colleges are running following presence of girls.

These colleges witnessing 60 to 82 percent attendance of girls are facing shortage of resources and may get shut down in the absence of girl students. Dearth of vocational education in these colleges is citied as the prime reason for the migration of young male students.

In such a scenario, the higher strength of girls is the saving grace. All the 70 government graduate and post graduate colleges register more number of girl students than their male counterparts with the strength of girls being 52,706 against 38,716 boys.

The number of SC/ST girls in colleges is also more than the boys. Going by the latest figures, the strength of girls in the hilly regions vary between 60 and 80 percent.

A few colleges witnessing a good strength of girls include Chandrabani, Dev Prayag, Pratapnagar, Pakhaul, Agroda of Tihri district; Chakrata and Tyuni of Dehradun and Doshapani from Nainital.

The figures reveal that the migration of students in large number is taking place from hilly areas. Shortage of resources, lack of quality education and absence of vocation courses are some of the factors contributing for the exodus of young crowd from the educational institutions. It is for this reason that the concentration of young students is growing in cities and district head quarters.