Pratapgadh: As if the natural disaster and consequent mayhem was not enough, the pilgrims stuck in Kedarnath, were in for another shock, this time from the Nepali hoodlums from the adjoining forests. The Nepalis decamped with their money and belongings, they did not spare the women either.

The armed hoodlums, some fifty-odd of them, were hiding in the forests, in order to save themselves from the devastation. Jewellery from the women was snatched by them, not only this, they also dragged some six of them into the forests, where the women were molested, not all of the women were fortunate enough to come back. The pilgrims who were left behind are safe but have been left high and dry because of hunger.

Never seen a catastrophe of this magnitude

Lucknow, Jagran Team: The catastrophe that has struck UP has left everyone shocked. There are instances where whole families have gone missing and others where people can’t locate their relatives. People who have managed to reach their homes and hearths safely are breaking down into tears. An excise inspector posted in Mahoba, Saroj Kumar Tripathi had gone to Kedarnath with his wife, three daughters and two sons in an Innova, his whereabouts as of now are unknown whereas a dozen people from Farrukhabad are also missing.

The whereabouts of Prayag Narayan Gupta, owner of a nursing home, was not known till Thursday. Dinesh Kumar Dubey and his family from Fatehgarh are also missing. Family of Rampur Mishra from Bhugniapur vilage, Kanpur Dehat is also missing. There is no information about Radhakrishna Shukla and his wife Sarojani from Kanpur.

Ram Cahete from Hardoi, his sister Manisha, brother Ramaraman, Uma Sharma, Ram Lakhan Pandey, Ram Narayan Sharma, Asha, Annu, Sanjay, Suraj, his wife and three children had gone to Char Dham in Uttarakhand from Lucknow on 8 June, but are untraceable. An entire group of 20 people from Hamirpur is missing in the Uttrakhand disaster. Sati Prasad from Kurara is also missing.

Guddu Tiwari of Atarsuiya, Allahabad sums up the plight of the stranded pilgrims aptly, “There was water all around, the clouds turned dark, and we were scared like hell at this sight. We had never seen such devastation,” said Tiwari. I broke down the moment I alighted from the Sangam Express on the railway platform of Allahabad Junction. Some 700 devotees from Pratapgad are stuck in Uttrakhand. Anil Mishra, a teacher from Vivek Nagar, Shiv Prasad from Shivpuri and a dozen other people haven’t returned home since the roads were washed away leaving no trace. Three tourists from Gazipur lost their lives in the natural calamity, Janardan Pandey from Gopalpur Birno, Gopalji Mishra from Babyraipur Manpur and an Inter-College teacher Vijaynarayan Pandey. Another group of 40 tourists from Sonbhadra district are stuck on way in Badrinath.

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