Nothing comes closer to the debates between the presidential candidates in the run up to the White House. From most bizarre to most mundane, hopeful to fearful, domestic issues to the new world order all over again, it's all there.

It's a pure entertainment package, what with this time seeing the battle of the sexes. As the countdown races to the final stages, the rants, lampooning, satires, personal attacks make for the embellishment and amusement quotient.

So, cutting it down to 10 key features of the second round of debate held at Washington University in St. Louis:

1. The second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and her rival Donald Trump has seen a record 17 Million Tweets, making it the most tweeted debate of the season.

2. Hillary Clinton respects Donald Trump's children since they are incredibly able. While Donald Trump considers Hillary's statement about his children to be a compliment. Trump disagrees with what she's fighting for but she’s a fighter and he consider that to be a very good trait. (Taken from quotes of both the candidates.

3. The first 30 minutes of Sunday's presidential debate saw well-concentrated and passionate discussion over Obamacare, terrorism, taxes and the role of Muslims in America.

4. Clinton pushed hard her point that the real man who Trump is, isn't fit to be president. She refused to take on blow-by-blow negation of Trump's charges against Bill Clinton, but disapproved of Trump's humour, or lack of it, in an exchange over his late-night tweets.

5. Trump lived up to his reputation as he threatened to drag Bill Clinton into the debate and even threatening to imprison Hillary if he gets to the White House. Sources say, this sent down a chill down the spine of the Republicans.

6. Character assassination, along with Trump's admission of pocketing hundreds of millions in tax deductions. This would surely overshadow attempts to attack Hillary over Obamacare, foreign policy, and 'revelations about her paid speeches' to Wall Street.

7. As for Trump's 2005 tape that became public on Friday revealing his lewd comments about women, Trump repeatedly dismissed his words as "locker-room talk" while insisting that he had "great respect for women."

8. Trump has offensively described attempts to force himself on women sexually and seducing married women following which Republican members of Congress and governors have withdrawn their support to his campaign.

9. Trump initially objected when Anderson Cooper, one of the debate moderators asked whether he actually carried out the sexual assault as described in the tape, to which he said that he didn't.

10. Hillary avoided discussing the controversy directly while responding to a teacher's question about the tone and tenor of the campaign by describing her aspirations to bring Americans together. But as the conversation continued, Clinton said the tape was evidence of Trump's true feelings about women.