Patna: Chhath devotees, who are still under a shock following the stampede at Adalat Ganj ghat on the bank of the Ganges in Patna which caused 17 deaths on Monday evening, blamed the district administration for "poor arrangement" which caused the incident.

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Prem Kumar, a devotee, said there was inadequate arrangement to accommodate the large crowd which thronged at the ghat where the tragic incident took place.

Jaiprakash Bharti of Bhojpur district, who had come with his family to offer obeisance to the Sun God during the Chhath festival, said that the narrow pathway between the Adalat Ganj ghat and the road outside was to blame for the stampede.  

"The pathway should be broadened into a road by next year if a stampede of this scale is to be prevented," Bharti said.

The usual bustle was missing on Tuesday morning at the Adalat Ganj ghat with most of the worshippers outside Patna preferring not to visit the ghat and paid their obeisance elsewhere.

An aged woman, Nita Devi, blamed inadequate security arrangement at the Adalat Ganj ghat to manage the swelling crowd. The stampede occurred after the worshippers, mostly women and children began to run for their lives after word spread that the narrow pontoon bridge had been electrocuted, which turned to be false.
Kumar said that he was fortunate to survive the tragedy as he chose to stay put at the ghat 10 minutes before the stampede occurred.

A Patna resident Amit Kumar said that he was so traumatised after watching the scene at the Adalatghat that he did not take his children out on Tuesday morning.


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