Jammu: It’s not only the common man who is suffering from the runaway inflation, but even God and Goddesses have been hit by the sky-rocketing prices of metals like Gold and Silver.

The trend of buying Ganesha-Lakshmi idols of gold or silver for Diwali worship has now given way to demand for idols plated with the glittering metals.

The price of Gold which was about Rs 20,000 per 10 grams last Diwali has shown a whopping rise of Rs 7,000 in a year. Silver is not lagging much behind. The white metal which was selling at Rs 30 per gram last year has now risen to Rs 50 this year.

Therefore, a silver pair of Ganesha-Lakhsmi idols is not available in the market for anything under Rs 800-1000, irrespective of size. However, the silver-plated idols are available for Rs 200 to Rs 500, whereas gold-plated idols are available at minimum of Rs 500.

Ashwani Kumar of Ashwani Jain Jewellers located in Jain Bazar here said, “With enormous rise in gold prices, the gold and silver-plated idols are selling like hot cakes. Gold or silver is plated on idols of ordinary metals by which any size of idol can be created with less use of the costly metal.”

He added that during the last wedding season, the gold-plated jewellery was sold on a large scale.

Sweta Sharma, a shopper in Jain Bazar said, “With increasing prices, it is impossible for us to buy solid gold and silver idols. Now, even silver coins seem to be expensive, hence these newly-launched silver notes seem to be a better option for Diwali.”

The traditional worship of Ganesha-Lakshmi etched on a silver coin have also seen a new change this season as silver notes are being sold in the market with the images of god and goddess carved on them. These notes made from silver leafs are available in the price range of Rs 500 to Rs 1 lakh.