Mumbai: Despite the price of gold reaching record levels of Rs 27,000 per 10 grams, devotees of Lord Ganpati are splurging mounds of gold over their revered god Ganesha.

Largesse of people is visible in different pandals erected for Ganesh utasava.

Biscuits of gold and ornaments are generously being offered at different pandals of Lord Ganpati across the city.

Significantly, GSB group located in Kings Circle has received seven kilos of gold within four days of Ganesh utasava whereas last year only six kilos of gold were offered during the entire festival.

Dinesh Pai, one of the members of GSB devotees group said that in the first two days of festival devotees offered two kilograms of gold and 35 kilograms of silver.

He further said that one of devotees has promised to offer even 5 kilograms of gold next year.

Not only GSB division, one group of devotees called Ganesha Mumbaicha Raja, located in Ganesha Gali which had been offered 5 kg of gold last year, has received 2.5 kg of gold and 3.5 kg of silver this year within four days of festival.

A golden chain has been put around the neck of lord Ganesha’s idol. The chain has been prepared from the gold that was offered to Lord Ganesha last year.

In Lalbagh area of the city where he is worshipped like a king, two boxes have been kept for collecting the offerings consisting of ornaments of gold and silver.

However, their price has not been calculated as yet.
Since devotees of Lord Ganesha are increasing their offerings to Lord Ganesha, the cumulative figure of gold is expected to double this year.

Shahrukh celebrates festival at Rani’s house
Bollywood actor Shahrukh khan who went to attend Ganesha festival at Rani Mukherjee’s house wrote on Twitter: “For the first time I have attended festival at one of my friend’s house and I liked it very much”.

Before this he himself had organized an Iftar party at his home in which he had invited actors like Karan Johar, Farhan Akhtar and Sanjay Dutt.

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