New Delhi: A day after the accident of an Air India plane on Kanpur runway, the Director General of Civil Aviation has started the investigation. The DGCA has asked the investigating officer Joseph to file report in a month.

Going by analysis of the accident, it seems that there must be some negligence on the part of the pilot and he failed to land the plane properly, said the DGCA official.

The width of the Chakeri Civil Enclave runway is suitable for Air Force planes, but passenger planes are required to be vigilant during the take-off and landing. The runway of Chakeri Airport measures 9,000 feet long and 150 feet width.

Moreover, the speed of the plane was also high, hence the pilot could not control the plane, sources said. The high speed resulted in bursting of a tyre as soon as it touched down the IAF-controlled Chakeri airport and skidded off the runway with the front wheels screeching to a stop in the muddy areas, the sources said.

Due to the absence of the instrument landing system (ILS) at Chakeri Airport in the night, the large-sized planes like Boeing 747 could be landed in the day only.
But in comparison, the Air India plane was small in size. The analysis of the case states the carelessness of the Pilot on duty.