New Delhi: The Committee formed by the Directorate-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to probe the log books of the 40 odd flying schools within the country has recommended cancellation of affiliation of 12 flying schools.

The committee formed to check the records of flying-hour experience of pilots took the decision regarding cancellation after it found out that the records in these flying clubs have been tampered with.

Flying schools in big cities like Mumbai Chandigarh, Pune and Kanpur are included in the list of 12 clubs recommended for cancellation.

Three teams of independent experts and DGCA officials had started auditing the logbook entry from April 18.

The audit teams verified the records of flying hours entered in the logbooks of air traffic controllers. They also checked the quantum of aviation fuel used by the flying schools and their fuel bills to find out whether they match the flying hours logged by the students.
A candidate needs to fly 100 hours to become eligible for a commercial pilot licence and  every flying school is required to keep the detail of flying hours.

After an official of a flying club was arrested in Rajasthan, it came to the fore that some schools fudge the logbook entry to record the required number of hours.