Vidyapatinagar (Samastipur): Mau Dhaneshpur panchayat is a unique example of Gram Swaraj as the cases related to minor offences, theft, criminal and civil matters are solved here in an amicable manner.

When Panchayati Raj Institutions in the country are facing financial crunch, the Dhaneshpur Panchayat has proved to be an exception.

Sarpanch Chaturbhuj Prasad Singh presides over Gram Kachehri conducted by Dhaneshpur South Panchayat on every Sunday. The panchayat has launched ‘On the Spot’ programme under which controversial issues are solved by reaching the doorsteps of parties involved.

Villagers like Sajjana Jha, Santosh Singh, Shivdani Singh, Naresh Ram and Suresh Yadav said that the people are readily accepting the verdicts of gram kachehri.

Chaturbhuj Prasad Singh said, “Kachahari has Rs 5000 in its account which came as court fee and fine slapped on the parties.”

Both the parties are convinced that they will lose their money if they fight case in the court, the Sarpanch added.

Commenting on the issue, Bihar Water Resources Minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary said, “The Gram Kachehri is playing a crucial role in imparting justice to people. The government would reward the panchayat.”