'Dharam Sankat Mein'
U/A; Comedy-drama
Director: Fuwad Khan
Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Paresh Rawal and Annu Kapoor
Rating: Three Stars

The best thing about 'Dharam Sankat' is its story. The plot attempts to show an uncomfortable truth that perhaps each of us has experienced at some point in life, but are largely reluctant to make a conversation point. Ironically, this is a subject that is in dire need of being discussed, debated and analysed, given the current political scenario of the country.

The film essentially throws light on the preconceived prejudices that most of us harbour for the 'others' who follow a different religion, and in the process shows the mirror to our own well-hidden judgments, however, secular we claim to be.

Dharampal Trivedi (Paresh Rawal) is a caterer in Ahmedabad and has absolutely no qualms about making his intolerance for Muslims public. However, the twist in the tale comes when he discovers that he was born Muslim, but raised by Hindu parents. The story takes off as Dharam struggles to fit into the mostly meaningless rituals and practices of both the religions, even as he tries to bring himself to accept his changed identity.

The film begins with much promise and the first half is peppered with some really funny dialogues, but sadly, it turns into a tedious, repetitive emotional drama by the time we reach the climax. The screenplay doesn't really live up to the expectations that the germ of the story idea promises us.

An absolutely dependable actor, Paresh Rawal gets into Dharampal's skin with utmost ease. But it is Naseeruddin Shah as the eccentric, lecherous, wily baba Neelanand Swamy who steals most of the attention. Wish he gets more such roles that explore his comic timing.

Director Fuwad Khan should get the credit for choosing a sensitive subject with the right kind of intention, but unfortunately, the end result is far from what it could have been.

Courtesy: Mid day


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