Work on the project will start in May and will be completed within six months. The entire project will cost few crore rupees, Sharma added.

"This project will help police keep an eye on almost every road of the constituency from their control room and guide the nearest mobile police unit to the incident site  quickly," he urged.

This technology would also be strengthened by the public address system, the Minister, who is also the MLA from Dharamshala, cited.

"The vastness of this Valley makes it difficult to provide better police assistance to the locals as well as lakhs of domestic and foreign tourists that come to this place every year," Sharma mentioned.

Bringing the entire Assembly Constituency under 24/7 camera surveillance will smoothen traffic flow, reduce road side crimes, he added.

In view of high rainfall in Dharamshala, the government has sanctioned Rs 5 crore to convert most of the coal tar roads into concrete ones, the maintenance of which is much easier, the Minister said.

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