After a season with Mumbai Indians, the 39-year-old is set to once again team up with Dhoni in IPL-8 starting Wednesday.
"I would like his power. I would love to have his equanimity at the end of the innings. Sometimes, it might look that I have it but I'll tell you right now that I don't. MS is just fantastic to bat with at the end of the innings because he is so cool and he has got it all planned out," Hussey was quoted as saying by IPL website.
The left-handed batsman from Australia felt Dhoni is always positive while chasing big targets.
"He knows exactly what needs to be done to win the game. In a similar situation, I tend to panic a lot, wanting to get it done with as quickly as possible. He is very methodical in breaking down the target into fractions and playing the situation.
"While I sometimes get nervous thinking, 'Oh we're falling behind the rate', he is very positive all the time saying, 'No need to worry, we are right on target' – very assured and very confident throughout."

Asked to compare Dhoni, Michael Clarke and Brendon McCullum's captaincy in the ODI World Cup, Hussey said the Indian was the calmest of the lot.
"Dhoni is probably the calmest of the lot. He doesn't get too flustered and thinks very clearly under pressure. He was backed up magnificently by his bowlers. Sometimes that's what captaincy comes down to – you look like a good or bad captain depending on how your players respond."

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