New Delhi: After the test series defeat against England on home soil, the captain of Indian cricket team Mahendra Singh Dhoni is on the firing line. His captaincy is coming under constant scanner. People are pondering over the reasons of sudden slump in the performance of India’s one of the most successful captain.

According to the cricket experts, Dhoni is suitable to lead the team in One Day Internationals and Twenty 20 games but somehow he is not fit to lead his teammates in Test matches. Experts further explain that in the shorter form of game, strategies are made once. If the strategy gets successful, you come out as a winner. But when it comes to test cricket, separate strategies are required to be formulated as per the session and flaw in it can make you taste defeat in the match.

It was not long back that Dhoni led the team to win the ODI cricket world cup in 2011. The win is attributed to the senior players in the team. It was like a golden era for the team India, when the team was also ranked no 1 in test matches as well. But the retirement of ace batsmen like Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman gave serious dents to the batting line up. Poor forms of Sachin Tendulkar and Harbhajan Singh have also not helped the cause either. Young players have also failed to come up to the expectations recently.

Experts are also of the view that the loopholes in the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni used to be covered with the success of batsman and spinners. The sudden increase in the number of ODIs and T20 games has changed the mindset of players. Players are now preparing more for the shorter version of games. However, it is said that the real test of technique and temperament is done when you play test cricket and the young players are failing to excel in the test matches.

The retirement of players has weakened the middle-order. Openers are struggling with their form and fitness. There is no stability in the bowling attack. In such a scenario, the bad captaincy is adding to the woes of the team. Experts say that despite the bad performance of players, Dhoni could have rescued the team with the help of captaincy. They maintain that a leader should have the ability to lead from the front but Dhoni is lacking on that front.   

Reason 1

Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is accused of adopting defensive approach to the game. When it is required to take aggressive steps, Dhoni tries to check the run flow. Aggressive approach is required in the test matches.

Reason 2

It is also said that there is very less interaction between Dhoni and the rest of the team whereas it is the responsibility of the captain and the wicket keeper to let the bowlers know any lapses in the line and length.

Reason 3

Dhoni looks confused over field placements. Dhoni is also charged for sporting field placements which is famous in ODIs. Opposition captains are offered lots of gap to score from it. And he does not change the field to stop the run flow. The captain is also doing frequent changes in the bowling which restricts bowlers in getting set.

Reason 4

The ability to discuss the match situation with senior players is also important and Dhoni stays away from it. Sachin is always said to field at the boundary. Putting Sachin close to the pitch will allow him to suggest bowlers.

Reason 5

It is also charged on Dhoni that he favours to put his favourite players in the last eleven irrespective of their past performances. It has also been seen that in-form players are sitting outside the field.


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