Holding that counter allegations wouldn't work, Dhumal asked Singh to introspect and resign before it was too late, in a letter, copies of which were sent to Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

"Instead of giving specific reply, he is trying to misguide the party high command and the common man," Dhumal said.

Posing 10 questions in his letter, Dhumal asked Singh to clarify on the Rs two crore received by his son Vikramaditya in 2011, Rs 60 lakh received by wife Pratibha Singh in February 2013 and Rs 1.2 crore by him in May 2013.

"How much money has been paid and on what dates against purchase of shares in Tarini Infrastructure by your family members?  While you mentioned 2,110 shares in some other unlisted company, how come you forgot to mention about 9.8 lakh shares in your election affidavit," he questioned.

Dhumal further asked the Chief Minister why the company was referred to as Tarini Infrastructure Ltd., a Listed Company, whereas it was not listed in any stock exchange and was a private company.

"You completely concealed information regarding Maple Destinations and Dream Build Pvt Ltd which is 100 percent owned by your family. What is the source of crores of rupees invested in this company," he asked.

The BJP leader questioned Singh why he took loan from an individual, (whose companies have defaulted on bank payments), when he had about Rs 9.5 crore in bank.

"The reason given by you for raising loan was payment you had to make to lawyers, whereas the person who gave you the money said it was for repair of your palace," he said.

Dhumal observed that Pratibha said that she got Rs 60 lakhs in lieu of shares whereas the Annual Report filed with Registrar of Companies suggests that his (Virbhadra's) family still holds 9.8 lakh shares as on November 11, 2013.

"On the other hand, the only person whose shareholding had come down from 1.54 lakhs to about 64000 is Tarini, daughter of Wakamulla," Dhumal said.

He also asked the Chief Minister to explain how his apple crop rose from Rs 47.35 lakh to Rs 6.56 crores in three years. "Is it a mere coincidence that this golden period (2009, 2010 and 2011) was only for three years, neither before nor afterwards," he said.


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