Varanasi: The stage set for BJP president Nitin Gadkari’s election rally in Ghazipur crashed like castle of cards the moment he sighed relief at the huge gathering. Apart from the embarrassment for the leaders and organizers, the intelligence officials responsible for the security of the show were taken aback.

Similarly, during a political rally at Farukkhabad on Saturday former cricket captain and Congress MP Mohd Ajharuddin along with Louis Khurshid, Congress candidate and wife of Union Minister Salman Khurshid, also collapsed when the dozens of supporters climbed on the stage to greet the former cricketer.

Earlier too, the BJP president was quite lucky to escape without any major injury at Ghazipur and so was Rajnath Singh whose stage was also about to crumble after several leaders escorted him on the stage.

Taking cognizance of series of stage crashes, the Union Home Ministry on Saturday issued fresh guidelines to their intelligence arm to ensure the efficacy of the podium before any VIP leader charts the stage, leaving the intelligence guys worried over enhanced list of do’s before any leader of importance climbs the stage.

As per the government’s new directives the organizers and the security personnel have to ensure with not less than a certificate from an engineer who will guarantee the strength of the stage. The new directives will be necessarily followed in case of Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Union Ministers and other leaders of stature.

The authorities have expressed their concern as so far only two phases of polling are over and five more phase remains to be conducted.

However, following the new directives, the security officials faced problems at Beniabagh in Uttar Pradesh in finding an engineer to seek certificate for the strength of the stage where Rahul Gandhi was scheduled to address the gathering.

To believe the intelligence officials, the engineers are trying to evade issuing any written certification as they are uncertain about the number of people who will climb the stage in a political rally and in any eventuality, the engineer issuing such certification will be held responsible.

Also, since the intelligence officials have no control over state government engineers, the situation remains tricky as how they would acquire certificates as required by new guidelines.